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Daeva (Moderated by Larry Trost and Chris Madsen - -!forum/daeva-chicago
 Nosferatu (Moderated by Marty Bucholz -!adultConfirm/forum/chicago-nosferatu
 Mekhet - Have no List.
 Ventrue (Moderated by Jeff P. - -!forum/d-chicago-ventrue
 Gangrel - Have no List.

Carthian (Moderated by Jeff P.- -!forum/d-chicago-thecarthianmovement
Invictus OOC (Moderated by Steve Cothard -!forum/chicagoinvictusooc
Circle of the Crone (Moderated by Stevie B -!forum/chicago-circle-ooc
Ordo Dracul (Moderated by Chris Madsen - - Don't know this one.
Lancea Sanctum - Who are these jokers?